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Trend Mill 15 / Creativity Is The Next Commodity

Trend Mill 15 / Creativity Is The Next Commodity


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“Why are we trying to dumb down creativity to the basic input of “enter what you want to create”?

With the continued attempts of tech companies to force A.I. technology into everything around us while simultaneously selling us the distorted dream of living our lives in alternative realities through headsets, we’re beginning to move closer to a creative-less existence — a world where we plug ourselves into our headsets, lost in a fantasy land we’re told is better than base reality, achieving creativity with no effort, sitting in our own filth, drooling, waiting for Big Tech to feed us our next dopamine hit.”

Show notes:

  1. These podcasts are read by the author, me, Stephen Moore, and give you another way to digest my newsletter (subscribe here).

  2. This project is a work in progress — I hate recording myself, and it’s going to take some getting used too. It may take you time to get used to my monotone Scottish accent. Hey, you can only work with what you were given!

  3. For now, as I find my feet, the podcast episodes are going to release the day after the newsletter goes live, and will be free for all subscribers for now. The eventual plan is to move this to a paid bonus for paid subscribers, but I’ll update you all in due course.

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